Democratic Party: History & Contributions


The Democratic Party, is considered by many to be the oldest political party in the world.  It was formed in 1792 when supporters of Thomas Jefferson used the name 'republican' to emphasize their anti-aristocratic policies. The party adopted its present name during the presidency of Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. 

The Democratic Party is progressive.  It has provided the leadership which made the United States a progressive inspiration to the world.   The Democratic Party's achievements include:​ 

WW1 Victory(1919) - Woodrow Wilson (D)
WW2 Victory(1945) - Franklin D Roosevelt (D) / Harry S. Truman (D)
GI Bill (1945) - FDR (D)
NATO (1949)- Truman (D).
Foreign Relations
League of Nations – Wilson (D)
Marshall Plan(1947) - Truman (D)
Peace Corp (1960/61) - John F. Kennedy (D)
First Manned Moon Mission (1969) -  Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
First American to Orbit the Earth (1962) John Glenn\Pres. JFK (D)
40-hour Work Week (1938) - Roosevelt (D)
Minimum Wage Law (1938) - Roosevelt (D)
Overtime Pay(1938) - Roosevelt (D)
Social Security Act (1935) - Roosevelt (D)
Unemployment Compensation (1935) - Roosevelt (D)
Rural Electrification Act (1936) - Roosevelt (D)
Federal Deposit Insurance(1933) - Roosevelt (D)
Federal Home Loan Program (1934) - Rossevelt (D)
Securities & Exchange Act(1934) - Rossevelt (D)
Rescue of U.S. Auto Industry – Obama (D) 

Student Loan Program(1965) - Johnson (D)
School Lunch Program (1946) - Truman (D)
Operation Head Start (1965) - Johnson (D)
Medicare (1965) - Johnson (D)
Medicaid(1965) - Johnson (D)
Family and Medical Leave Act (1993) - Clinton (D)
Affordable Care Act – Obama (D)
Civil Rights
Women's Suffrage  Amendment – Wilson (D)
Civil Rights Act (1965) - Johnson (D)
Voting Rights Act (1965) - Johnson (D)
Motor Voter Act(1993) - Clinton (D)
Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Equal Pay/Women – Obama (D)Budget & Fiscal Achievements
Balanced budget – Clinton (D)
Deficit reduced by $122 Billion – Obama (D)
Federal spending reduced by 2% - Obama (D) 

The Present Decade

According to a study by Princeton and Northwestern Universities, the United States is no longer a democracy but has become an oligarchy.  That is, a small powerful group dominates the political scene.  As a result, the U.S. government now represents the rich and powerful, not the average citizen.  The study was based upon 1800 different U.S. policies enacted between 1981 and 2002.                                                                        .​

        President Obama, however, despite those powerful forces determined to marginalize him (and us), has made really outstanding achievements.  Joe Biden reminded us that Obama: (1) provided universal healthcare (which presidents since Teddy Roosevelt have been unable to enact); (2) saved Detroit; and (3) got BinLaden.  But there is much, much more achievement on Obama's resume. Take a look.  ​  

   Has the continuous demogoguery brain-washed us into underestimating this president?